I am a wedding and portrait photographer




Your life is full of amazing events.  

It's so easy for them to just drift by and before you know it, it's hard to remember the little things or what it felt like.

That's why I'm here - to make something with you that matters and is important later on.

Together we can capture those special times in your life and you can keep them forever.




Bird Family Adventures

Take an amazing family to
Roma Street Parklands on a day 
with beautiful weather and...


Brian and Christine

Family and friends all together
in the garden of your house
with smiles all around...


Stacey and Zeus

Stacey and her awesome husky dog, Zeus
taking it easy in the last light
down by the Brisbane river.

family portraits



Your family is amazing. I know. Because mine is too.



But how many photos do you have of all of you, together?  There is always someone missing, right?



Taking photos of your family dynamic is what I do. We meet somewhere relaxing and you simply have fun with them while I make some images that you will love.



Let's get together and capture what makes your family awesome.